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Institute for Technology and Humanity

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The Institute’s research is spread across its three research centres: 

Centre for the Study of Existential Risk
CSER is dedicated to the study and mitigation of risks that could lead to human extinction or civilisational collapse. It works to understand extreme risks associated with emerging technologies and human activity, and to develop a methodological toolkit to aid in identifying and evaluating future extreme risks.

Leverhulme Centre for the Future of Intelligence
Leverhulme CFI’s research is dedicated to ensuring AI is broadly beneficial. It explores vital questions about the impact of AI in the near, mid- and long-term, from algorithmic transparency and the nature of intelligence to automated warfare, consciousness, social AI, AI-amplified discrimination and injustice, global and pluriversal design, and the implications of AI for democracy, geopolitics, and the natural environment. 

Centre for Human-inspired AI
CHIA brings together an interdisciplinary community of researchers to investigate the innovative ways in which human and machine intelligence can be combined to yield AI which is capable of contributing to social and global progress.

In the right column are examples of projects that represent some of the work we do.

Research Highlights

Biology and Global Catastrophe

Illustration of a virus

Understanding the challenges facing humanity in the coming century means understanding the risks and opportunities that come with...

Kinds of Intelligence


This project draws on current work in psychology, neuroscience, philosophy, computer science, and cognitive robotics in order to further...

AI for Creativity

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Creative AI is aimed at developing systems that can support, augment or even automate creative process.